The Crafty Home-More coming soon!

The Kitchen

Piano Room:

Master Bedroom

Kids' Bath

The Bunk Room

Still in progress:

The Family Room

The Master Bath

The Yard

The Play Room

The Boy's Room
Original Mural done by me (Christine Ralston).

The Craft Room/Office


  1. I love all of this! And I have to say your best accessories are those little red heads in some of your photos. Precious! I'd love to know what you used for the book shelf in the playroom. Awesome photos.

  2. your home is gorgeous!!! i love all the colorful and personal touches!

  3. I love your colors! The green of your master bedroom, the orange stripe bunk room, but especially the little one with the beautiful red hair!

  4. Your home and your children are beautifully colored! Great original mural in the boy's room. Seems like a business in the making to me. Love your yard, too. Succulents always make a space better, I feel. Enjoyed the tour...thanks! Lynnmarie

  5. OK Christine! We have been in the same ward for over a year now and I had no idea how ridiculously talented you are! YOU ROCK!

    -Haley Estes