I'm Christine!
Mom to 5 and wife to 1.
Professional body artist and belly dancer.
Hate chocolate.
Love milk.
Vintage is my favorite everything. 
I rock my mohawk.
While I do most of the postings (like the one you are reading now)
there are other authors on the page that contribute from whenever they feel like it or I nag them to do so time to time .
The goal of this blog is to share ideas we've come across or created.
If just one person is inspired, we have done our job!

 Every woman is crafty, she just needs to find the Crafty Woman inside!

Additional Authors:

Baby sister of Christine, Panda is preparing to attend culinary school and has countless recipes to share and prepare for us! She will be posting every 1-2 weeks with something yummy!

My name is Amanda! (Unless you ask Christine or my other siblings, in which case I am "Panda".)
I'm 21 years old, and a huge fan of food. When not working, and attempting to start Culinary school, I hang out with friends and make lots of yummy things. Although my true passion if for baking and cake decorating, I also adore cooking. And when my big sister asked me to share my recipes with all of you, there was no way I could say no! I hope you enjoy my recipes, and if you ever have any questions, please let me know! 

Leslie (Little Mookie) 
Momma to my 3 little monsters, wifey to my amazing hubs… for sure the best job I’ve ever had! When I’m not taking care of my family I am creating and sewing fun stuff for my shop or to share with all of you! I love to find something, take it apart, and learn to make it my own way!