Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Octopus Wall

My son's room started with this ship:
And yes. 
That is an Angry Bird and Army Man on deck.

Raedin really wanted an ocean room.
But what Raedin really really wanted was an octopus on his wall.
A 15 foot long, 4 foot tall octopus.

I free handed the entire thing.
Largest canvas I have worked on so far!!
He then wanted the walls to look like water.
I drew the line there and told him we could just do a wall fade instead.
Top color: Behr Neptune
Bottom color: Behr Rain Storm

A few other "moments" from his room:
A garland his sister made him out of burlap and maps.
A stunning quilt my mother in law made, seriously, the pieces are so tiny!
Also, a darling pillow from Target.
His bed frame was purchased from the original owner's granddaughter.
It was purchased in 1914!
It is in fantastic shape and I love love love it.
The "R" was a salvage piece I purchased from a local designer.
It was inspiration for the wall color!

So there you go! 
Little bits and pieces of his adorable room.

By the way....the octopus was completed over a year ago.
But I might have just finished painting the rest of the walls Sunday.......
Sometime projects take awhile, but are worth it!


  1. This turned out fantastic! I LOVE the octopus! your freehand work is amazing. Lucky little boy!

  2. What a great bedroom! You are very talented. My son had an underwater mural that I painted for him when he was little. It was very sad when I had to paint over it.

  3. Wow! That octopus is AMAZING! I would so love it if you had a second to come by and link up at The Makers over at :)