Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013


I barely survived it.

Ok, so that is a little dramatic.
But really, it was really, really exhausting. Really.
Remember how last year I took it easy? Simple?

Dang me and my ambitious ways!
This year actually wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't
for the stomach bug that affected half of the 11 kids in my house!
Yup. 11 kids. 7 adults.
It was slightly insane.
We had two additional guests for dinner as well.
PART of the chaos was first night of Chanukah being the night before.
So after my sisters and niece and daughter baked all day,
I prepared the Chanukah feast.
It was a lot of work, but super yummy.
No pics was eaten too quickly!

I was smart enough to plan ahead and canned/froze a few things ahead of time. 
Like my homemade cranberry sauce.
 Then to add to my own insanity, I woke up at 6am Thanksgiving morning to bake
apple turnovers, cranberry-orange bread, and German pancakes for breakfast.
My sister also began her bread dough for the dinner's bread and rolls!
One thing I did take from last year and apply to this year: plastic plates.
Only...well...look how charming these ones are!
Seriously! Throw em away when you are done. Including the silverware! 
They were only $10 for a set of 8 settings at my grocer.
You can also find them here.
Pine cone rings found on
Napkins were a steal here.
And the linen placemat/napkins and runner found here.

Everything came together just in time for dinner and it looked, smelled, and tasted wonderful!
All those pretty serving bowls came from HomeGoods!
Paid $8-10 each and collected over a month or so...
I basically bought all my location had, but slowly so I didn't look greedy.
At least that is what I am telling myself.
My little sister back there making gravy while I take photos.....


Anyways..on with the food.
We opted for a turkey and a ham. It was a good idea as it made for bonus left overs!
My sister in law dressed the ham up for me, I love how 1950's, awesome housewife it is.
The platters were another HomeGoods score!
$7 each on clearance right after Halloween.
And the antler candle holder.
I love HomeGoods.

What was I saying?
Oh right!
The meal was wonderful!

So now for the ER story.
I know if you read that up top, you probably scrolled past everything to read it!

After dinner, we decided to put the 4 little toddlers (all girls) in a bath.
My 2 year old (3 today!) and her 3 year old cousin were super excited.
So excited they ran around a corner.
At the same time.
From opposite sides.
Little Cousin's forehead slammed into Winnie's face.
She passed out for about 5 minutes, came to and immediately vomited.
And kept doing so all night, even in the ambulance and ER.
Double nostril nose bleed too.
So my brother the cop called 911 while my sister the nurse treated her.

Long night cut short: concussion and a sprained nose.

Bet you didn't know you could sprain your nose?
It wasn't broken, but had been pushed back really far.
No worries, she was back to 100% by today, her birthday!!

I hope you enjoyed your holiday!

*This post was uncompensated. All opinions are strictly my own.
I have no affiliation with HomeGoods or Amazon. I just love them and want my readers to know where products pictured are from.*

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