Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wonderful {free print}

Getting into the holiday mood 
and reflecting on what the season really is all about. 
I get so caught up in the planning, cooking, cleaning, and traveling
that I tend to not focus and really think about why.
Why am I letting 5 extra adults and 6 extra children stay in my house?
Why am I already preparing food and grocery lists?
Why did I say I would host again???

Because I love those extra 5 adults and 6 children.
I am grateful we have means to buy groceries and ability to cook.
I am hosting because the others had no place to go. 

The Why is Love and Gratitude.
I took a break today and just played around with my computer all day.
Designing Christmas cards for clients &family and a quick print!

They are sized to be 8 by 10 and in Jpeg form.
Click to download:


  1. I have learned over the years that perfect is not always possible and many do not wish it. The days of scurrying around missing out on the fun trying to fix everything are over. I order in and enjoy everyone! Love your cards.

  2. Beautiful cards.......that little girl is precious. Have fun with your extras.