Monday, November 4, 2013

Thankful at Home Tour, Day 1

Starting out the tour today! 
Due to some craziness in my schedule lately and a mishap with my camera's memory card, 
I'll be sharing some of my Thanksgiving 2012 ideas. 

I call it my "Unfancy-Fancy Table"
 Last year we had just moved into our new house.
We had never hosted Thanksgiving before.
And I was overwhelmed.
I decided that it was a good year to focus on the food and family and not the decor.
This year we will certainly be a little fancier, but I was so happy we made the choice to go simple last year.
We still got compliments from our guests that everything looked nice and I felt relaxed all day.
 The "grown up" table's centerpiece was simply store bought flowers.
I threw in a bag of fresh cranberries and orange slices to dress up a plain vase. 
 It was fast, simple, and inexpensive, and it lasted for days.
I used a lot of cranberries on the tables as candle/vase fillers.
And because I was lazy smart, we used plastic plates, 
but I still wanted everything to look uniform and a little nicer, 
so some pretty placemats went underneath and the colors all matched the center piece.
The kiddos had their own table and style.
Brown craft paper for a table cloth gave them something to color on and easy clean up. 
They had the same plastic ware but their own center peice.
Again, easy and simple.
Just some stuff I already had!
 Sometimes in the blogging/decorating/photography world
we tend to work hard for the perfect look and photo.
And while that isn't a bad thing, sometimes it is nice to know that even simple efforts and ideas can pay off in the end.
Will these images go viral?
No, they aren't impressive in the least! 
What they are: a reminder to me to take it easy sometimes.
I am so grateful for my ability to pursue my hobbies and art.
For a husband and family that support me and understand that mommy does crazy things like take pictures of food or pieces of furniture and they are ok with that.

Most of all I am grateful for all of God's gifts he has sent me.
Without his tender love and mercy, I would be lost.

I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving this year
fancy, simple, big, small, whatever it may be. 
Just enjoy the company you have and the food you eat! 

Don't do anything to impress, only to show love! 

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  1. I love what you did for Thanksgiving -- it's simple, practical and still very beautiful! There's nothing wrong with using a plastic plate and sometimes it's things like that that help us focus on what really matters -- enjoying the people around us and slowing down the pace. Thanks so much for sharing and I'm thrilled that you are a part of this tour! :)

  2. Love your motto: "Don't do anything to impress, only to show love!" -- if only our intentions were always that good and pure. I'll bet our efforts would "shine" a little bit more! Loved this post! Thanks for sharing. May God pour his richest blessings down on your Thanksgiving gathering! ~Sally @DrinkingFromMySaucer

  3. These were very cute simple ideas and I am overwhelmed this time of year anyway so I can't imagine how overwhelmed you were just moving in a new house. Your tables look great.

  4. That's the fanciest "unfancy" table I've ever seen!- lol- love the cranberry with oranges- so fresh and colorful! and the kids table is Charming!
    Glad to be on tour with you

  5. I so love your "unfancy-fancy" when our very large family and extended family of over 50 gather for is poolside...buffet style ... under umbrella tables..with paper plates filled with the most wonderful food tastes the same whether it be fine china or paper is the gathering of loved ones to celebrate our blessings that counts...Your tables look beautiful.

  6. Thanks for reminding us to be practical and thankful. I love this idea for any family. Being together is the most important part of any holiday.
    Make it a lovely day.

  7. Christine, you have gotten beyond the fluff of the holiday and took us right to it's heart! It is certainly all about God! Everything flows from Him!!!!! There is such beauty in a humble table filled with love.... far more than a beautiful table set with stress and "show"! Making a home and memories is all about heart and love. Gifts from above that flow through us to others! Gifts to be thankful for!
    May this years table be as blessed and beautiful as lasts!

  8. with my entire home in a huge flooring renovation , I am going to have to go simple this year ! I bought my gourds and INdian corn to use as decorations if we have a space to set up a table . lol

  9. This year I am going unfancy ! With my entire house undergoing floor renovation . I purchased my gourds and Indian corn for decorations if I have a space to set up a table . Plastic plates might also be in my holiday plans .

  10. I absolutely love your tour ~ you even make the simple look amazing. You truly are blessed with some amazing talent ~ thanks for sharing it with us.

    Hugs, Mary Beth

  11. Christine, I LOVE what you did for your table last year. Many years we have so many people for Thanksgiving we wouldn't have enough plates for everyone. Plus who wants to do all those dishes. So paper plates and even...shhh!! serving right from the stove!!!

  12. Such simple and pretty ideas - my favorite - love the addition of the fruit in the vase especially!

  13. Fantastic! Love it all…. And you have the quote of the tour…we need to make a printable!! Don't do anything to impress, only to show love"
    I LOVE your post!

  14. You captured the REAL sense of the day for Thanksgiving. We all go to so much trouble to amke everything beautiful but the important thing is WHO we are sharing the day with. I love to have one day where I can tell all my loved ones how much they mean to me. Blessings to you and your family this Thanksgiving!

  15. Thanksgiving is such a special family day for us too. Your table was beautiful and I look forward to seeing this years too. You have a nice style!

  16. Thankful to be visiting the you today and being reminded that when it's all done with love it turns out best. Totally gobbled up the casual, welcoming, Real giving of Thanks you shared! May this Month of Plenty be your most blessed yet.
    Cheers to you and yours,
    Therese @ Fresh Idea Studio

  17. I'm totally with you on what matters most! And your quote "Don't do anything to impress, only to show love! " is PERFECT. I love it!!

  18. I found your blog yesterday through the Thankful at Home Tour, and I spent the early morning reading many of your posts. You have beautiful children. It was great to read of all the challenges and triumphs. I will keep reading; I'm glad I found you!

  19. Simple is good. I like simple. Great post on what really matters. so happy to be on this tour with talented bloggers like you.

  20. Isn't it great to have family over who we don't have to impress! Although I think your unfancy table is pretty fancy - and love the kids table!

  21. Such a beautiful post and it just looks so inviting! I may have used paper plated for Thanksgiving in the past too. Less dishes to wash = more family time. :) I HEART the kids table!! So glad to be a part of this tour with you!

  22. I Love that you have the Indian statues on table. Very appropriate for genuine Thanksgiving portrayal. Your tables are quite beautiful, I seem to get more enjoyment out of shopping my home, shed, wherever to make a vignette, table scapes,you have done creative job. Looks like you did the same and how much more enjoyable it was for you. It's a good thing to teach our children we don't have to spend lots of money to make our homes interesting and welcoming at any time, especially for holidays You are to be congratulated for your creativity. Good for you for using plastic plates, very pretty and so much smarter. Happy week