Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Can-Can-Caned!

My mother in law was in town and I decided:
"Hey! She can pass some wisdom to me!"
So I for some crazy moment thought: 
"Canning would be fun! I've never tried it!"

It was a TON of work!
My cousin came over as well to help out and join in.
I will admit though, even with how hard it was, I can see
myself becoming obsessed with it and canning weekly or monthly from now on. 
I also love how pretty the cans are:
We did applesauce and a wonderful tomato basil sauce.
The recipe for the tomato basil can be found here.
It makes for an excellent base or used on its own.
The applesauce was pretty basic: apples, sugar, lemon juice.
My cousin also brought some of her blue ribbon winning jam:
I think I might need more shelving in the pantry soon...... 

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