Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hometalk Thrift Benefit!

 Did you know many Humane Society locations have thrift shops?
I didn't either!
So when Hometalk.com teamed up with a group of us bloggers to check these stores out, I was all over it like a greyhound with a rabbit!
Speaking of greyhounds....
I have two wonderful hounds that we "rescued".
 Miss Sadie Bo
 Quigley James Thomas

Both are retired racers and are just loves!
Our gal is fragile now, 9 years and very ladylike.
Our boy is a dufus. A loving dufus. 
Quigley was a champion racer with the best blood lines.
A broken leg ended his career and brought him to us!
He is a massive sized greyhound! 
(Near 100 lbs, the average for a male is 70 lbs!)
Sadie faded out of racing slowly and we are her second family.

When we made the decision to adopt or rescue a pet:
We wanted a big dog.
A friendly dog.
An indoor dog.
A lazy dog.
A quiet dog.
An easy dog.
Answer: Greyhound.

They really are just so well tempered!
It is a myth that they need to run a lot.
They don't. 
They just need a little from time to time or a daily walk.
Really, they prefer the couch or fluffy bed to a run.
 In fact...we loved our first one (Sadie) so much we got a second one.

The cost of rescuing was remarkable.
That was for micro-chip, neuter/spay, shots, vaccines, etc.
We missed out on the puppy phase (oh, darn.), but that was fine.
Quigley needed some training to learn how to be a pet.
Racing life was not pet life.
We had to house break him, and teach him how to be loved on.
He was not into cuddles for awhile and now needs them at all times!

So if you are on a hunt for a new pet, please consider a greyhound.
There are so many that need homes and they just are total loves.
Granted, you will not find them in shelters.
Greyhounds are a heavily controlled bred 
(I have Quigley's family tree dating to the 18020's!)
But many shelters can get you in touch with rescue groups!
Other large breeds great for families that are often abandoned or given up:
Great Danes
Now onto the thrifting!
Our local Humane Society Thrift Store was amazing.
SO clean, well organized, and excellent prices.
Compared to large chain thrift stores, this was heaven.
I've noticed a lot of the chain stores like Goodwill and Savers
have really upped their prices. 
$300 for a Goodwill bookcase?
No thank you. 

The HS understands what thrifting is about.
They also take obvious pride and care of their store.
I found some beautiful silver pieces.
They were tarnished and dim when I purchased them,
but now they are stunning!
I also rummaged their "collectible" book section
and walked away with two text books from 1897 and 1903.
My girls loved them and we are currently using them as
fall decor, but they will find a home in my husband's office.
I love old books!
So many questions of who the previous owner was..... 
I paid $25.
For everything.
See what I mean by excellent prices?

Google your nearest HS thrift shop and support lost pets!
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  1. Love your fur babies! You also found some awesome finds at your thrift store -- LOVE!

  2. One of our dogs is a rescue. She was born deaf and the breeder was going to just keep her in a "junk" pen. We instantly feel in love and brought our Miss Mya home. She is such a positive addition to our home. She's also taught others that a deaf dog can be a wonderful part of the family.

  3. I love your greyhounds! Thank you for giving them a wonderful home and new life. Love the treasures you found. I need to stop by that thrift shop next time I'm in the neighborhood! I thrilled to have you on our blog tour.:)

  4. My neighbor always had greyhounds and what lovely neighbor pets they make :) That's true, they're not much on the barking thing (what neighbor wouldn't love that), but Oh, they're into lovin'! Sarah next door would peek through the fence quite intently on my kitty, and kitty would meet her nose to nose. Very curious and sweet on both sides. Anywho, what great finds from your shelter thrift store. Books from the 1800?? Now that is interesting and to see evidence of how many times the books have changed hands throughout the years, too cool!! So glad to be on this tour with you ~ Amy @ StowandTellU

  5. Quigley and Sadie are gorgeous- they have such sweet faces. Great finds at the thrift store- I'm finding the same thing- the big thrift stores are no longer a bargain. So glad there is an alternative that actually supports a good cause.

  6. Oh my goodness! You found some fabulous finds!! Thanks for sharing on the blog tour. Your dogs are precious.

  7. Great Thrift store finds and your babies have such sweetness about them!

  8. Great post Christine...your rescue dogs are fantastic! And your finds divine!

  9. When we made the decision to adopt or rescue a pet:
    We wanted a big dog.
    A friendly dog.
    An indoor dog.
    A lazy dog.
    A quiet dog.
    An easy dog.
    Answer: Greyhound.

    I wonder if that would convince my husband...I really REALLY want one....

  10. i completely agree about the high prices!! we were in a good will yesterday and i paid $8.99 for a pair of jeans and A LOT of other things i passed up because they are just too high!