Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall on My Porch.

It is finally feeling like fall here in the desert!
I was able to wear layers and boots and NOT DIE OF HEAT!
(My 12 year old snapped the pic for me!)

I have been slowly adding touches of fall to the porch lately.
One drop cloth has really been stretched to every last inch in projects:
It was mainly used for the bench and pillow covers.
I used some squares to dress up store bought flowers and tucked them among the pumpkins:
 Strips of the drop cloth I tied around a wreath frame:
We also made some drop cloth ghosts! 
But those are for another post, another day. ;)
My succulents got a few fun picks to bring a bit of fall to them.
I found some cute owls in Target's dollar section.
And a few old decorations found a home outside. 
And because I don't have a spot for it yet...
The sign I made at the Handmade Nest is sitting with the pumpkins.
I'm sure I will add more to it over the next month..or two..
You know, just in time to remove it all and do Christmas!

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  1. Love your post- and what a fabulous outfit! Your porch looks perfect for Fall - love all the details- I saw that owl at Target and now regret not buying him lol