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Photo Course with!

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Have you heard of
Online Cake Decorating Class Online Bread Making Class Online Quilting Class Online Sewing Class  
Well, you have now!
I was blown away by their selection of online courses.
Everything from basic product photography to landscapes.
Knitting to quilting. French cooking to cake decorating.
It is my new happy place. 
So when they offered to let me test out a class, I was all over it! 
First off, selecting a course was only hard as all the options looked so appealing, I wanted them all!

Courses range from $40-$60 each.
Not too shabby!

Their site is super easy to navigate.
Courses are broken down into categories and each has a description with reviews from past students.
Once I was registered (in a flash!) I jumped right in.
My course (and I'm assume others too) was broken down by lessons covering similar topics.
Each lesson had its own video, the longest being only 25 minutes.

So really, I could do 1-3 lessons a day and homework. 
Totally doable.
I decided to go with a course that would not only appeal to me, 
but to my readers, fellow bloggers, etsy owners, etc.

This particular course is aimed at product shooting which is fantastic for Etsy and Boutique owners.
Many of the reviews seemed to miss that on the course preview....

It also goes over a lot of fundamentals and basics like:
Color Wheel and Schemes
Rule of Thirds
Horizon Lines
Lead Room/Frame Edge
Pre-shooting check list

It also covered how to position models and objects,
background and prop selection, and other tricks to help you get the money shots.

My class materials where all downloadable, 
but courses that have physical materials will be mailed to you.

A few things I really liked about the course set up:

1.There is a dashboard where you can ask questions and interact with other students in the course.

2. You can upload your work and get feed back from the instructor and other students.

3. While the video is running, you can type notes to yourself and it will store them. Later you can go to a list of notes, click on one and it will take you to that spot in the video where you originally made it. 

4. The instructor (Caro Sheridan) was so relaxed and explained everything in very easy to understand terms. 
It wasn't super technical or full of jargon. 
A lot of reviews stated they felt she "chatted too much"
I really just saw it has her sharing experiences as her form of
teaching and didn't mind at all!

5. If I see a question on the running dashboard down the side and click on it, 
the video automatically pauses and then resumes once you leave the question. 

6.Tons of visual examples 

A few things that I didn't like/would change:

1. The lesson on camera settings was after the lessons on shooting.
I felt it would be better for total beginners to have that reversed. 
Work on selecting and setting a camera before you worry about shooting anything.

How affective was this course and how much did I take away from it?

I felt my photography was OK before. 
But getting rather repetitive with my human models....
"Product" or object shots I'm more comfortable with:

A lot of the technical stuff I already understood.
(Although she had great analogies!)

What I took away from it was:
Better use of color.
Positioning my models in more flattering ways.
How to make use of my histogram and adjust my white balance. 
And get better back lighting outdoors.
Overall, I would highly recommend this to anyone with an
Etsy shop or online boutique!
It was also full of great basics for beginners.

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