Monday, September 16, 2013

How to Paint a Face: The Red Queen

in our Paint a Face Series. 
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NOTE: You should only every use proper FACE PAINT.
Never use craft paint, acrylics, oils, etc. on the skin.
Snazaroo, Silly Farm, Mehron, and Ben Nye are all safe brands that have been developed specifically for body art.
You can get a basic pallet online without spending a ton of money. 
I was using this pallet for the following tutorial. 

That Evil Queen We All Love.
My 3 year old has been practicing yelling:
All week.
As always, start with a clean and dry face.
Apply a smooth white layer all over, making a heart "bump"
at the top of forehead at the hair line. 
For the blue: go straight up from the inner corner to above your eyebrow.
Outer corner at a 45 degree angle to above eyebrow.
Fill in and trace top edge with a thin, black line. 
And add a black 'beauty mark' on the left cheek bone.
Finish with mascara, a thin black line under each eye,
and of course, the red heart-shaped lips!
(You could draw lower lashes along the black line under the eye or use false lashes.)

BTW...Her awesome dress came from Homegoods! 
Seriously the best costume deal ever!!!!! 
And the red hair is all natural. Curl and all. 

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