Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How to Paint a Face: Greek Goddess

This is a bit different from the other faces in the series.
It is more make up, with a little paint thrown in.
greek goddess make up
NOTE: You should only every use proper FACE PAINT.
Never use craft paint, acrylics, oils, etc. on the skin.
Snazaroo, Silly Farm, Mehron, and Ben Nye are all safe brands that have been developed specifically for body art.
You can get a basic pallet online without spending a ton of money. 
I was using this pallet for the following tutorial. 
As well as white mica purchased here.
This particular face was inspired by one of my daughter's books.
(Treasury of Greek Mythology by Donna Jo Napoli, Illustrated by Christina Balit)
She is all about the Greek Gods and Goddesses. 
Here we go!
 Start with a clean face and then create a flawless coverage.
I used green concealer for red spots, covered with concealer, 
and then Garnier's BB cream in Light/Medium.
We then did overly done contouring with bronzer.
(Don't dust it in the eye....hence her one red, irritated eye.)
Focus on sides of nose to eyebrow and under cheekbones. 
Using our white mica powder, we highlighted like crazy too.
Down the bridge of the nose and fanning onto forehead.
Triangles on the cheekbones and side of nose.
And on the chin.
  For the eyebrows, I went above her natural brows.
I wanted them to be a little over the top. (PUN!)
Filled in over her existing with solid white.
 Eyes started with the lower half of the upper lid in white.
Drag to a point.
Create a line of red following the shape of the white.
Drag out to a slight fan at the hairline.
Now for the orange, following the red, slightly overlapped.
Finish with black liner in cat eye shape.
 Top it off with an orange-red lip in matte or low-gloss.
 Notice how the contouring isn't so harsh?
It naturally settles in and blends after about 15 mins!
You could also dust over it with a kabuki brush to blend slightly.

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