Monday, September 23, 2013

How to Paint a Face: Corpse Bride/Sally

This one is more for older kids who can sit still longer.
It isn't "dead on" (get the pun?) with the character.
It is a more simplified version that could become:
Emily-the Corpse Bride
Sally-the Stitched Up Girl 
 Their faces have a lot of similar features!
I wish I had fixed her eyes a little, but she started to get watery eyes and it was making a mess of the makeup.... with imperfection today, ok? :)
 NOTE: You should only every use proper FACE PAINT.
Never use craft paint, acrylics, oils, etc. on the skin.
Snazaroo, Silly Farm, Mehron, and Ben Nye are all safe brands that have been developed specifically for body art.
You can get a basic pallet online without spending a ton of money. 
I was using this pallet for the following tutorial. 
As well as blue and white mica purchased here.
As always...clean face to start!
I did a white wash all over to pale her up a bit.
 Next, I dusted the face with blue mica.
Then highlighted forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose with white mica.
Mica is great as it shimmers rather than sparkles.
It gives a soft, glowing look.
I finished by contouring with more of the blue mica and lightly blended with a large, soft kabuki brush.

Following the same idea as the Sugar Skull,
I used the natural eye socket for shape.
Just a hint of a nose.
Surround eyes with black and attached false lashes to the outside edge.
Up next: Eyebrows. Big ones, with slight expression to them.
Also, Emily has some teeth showing on one side, so we added that to one cheek.
Finally, her lips. I went outside the natural lip line with a dark pink, filled in with light pink, and dusted the center with white mica.
I used my large kabuki brush to press the mica in a little more for a smoother look:

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