Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How to Paint a Face: Black Cat

Continuing on with our Paint a Face Series!
See our previous faces:
NOTE: You should only every use proper FACE PAINT.
Never use craft paint, acrylics, oils, etc. on the skin.
Snazaroo, Silly Farm, Mehron, and Ben Nye are all safe brands that have been developed specifically for body art.
You can get a basic pallet online without spending a ton of money. 
I was using this pallet for the following tutorial. 
  Isn't she purrrr-fectly cute?!
This little kitty just melts my heart!

This is a simple face that you can easily alter to your liking.
 Start with a clean, dry face.
Begin with white, it will be easier to blend.
Make a fan shape on forehead, cover nose, chin,
and under eyes/cheeks. 
 Mark out your dark sections making eye area darker.
Trace sides of the bridge of the nose and above eyebrows.
 Detail your upper lip, tip of nose/nostrils, and whiskers.
Using a damp sponge, blend your colors in dragging motions.
Detail your lips with pink. 

Wasn't that easy?
Such a pretty kitty! 

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