Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pikachu and Lightning.

Do you see how little that lizard is????
Afton (3) caught it outside the dentist's office a few days ago.
She was heartbroken when it ran away from her moments later.
Days of sobbing.

So daddy took her to the reptile shop today.
And now she has "Lightning"
 A sweet little gecko.

Moments after we left the shop.
Daddy turned the van around and went back in.
He came out with a friend for Lightning.

 We are now lizard people.

Made for a super fun Saturday!
We had plans to work on the house, but the upstairs A/C unit decided the weekend was a good time to suddenly stop working. 
Thank goodness for warranties and the separate unit downstairs! 
Although, no one can fix it until tomorrow.....

After that, lots of projects to finish!

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