Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My 6 Best Bagel Breakfasts

I gave myself a challenge to start getting up early and making my husband breakfast every morning.
(The kids can still fend for themselves....)
I was doing a great job.
But got really bored.
Everyday was bacon, eggs, toast.

I decided one morning to make him a bagel sandwich.
The "Original" was: bacon, ham, egg, and Jarlsberg.
So since then, I've tried to become more and more creative.
This has meant waking up by 5:30am.
Cooking and taking photos. At 5:30am. 
Boy do I love him!
All of these are fast, easy, and tasty.
We both have a thing for cheese, especially brie.
Which, well, you'll see a lot of brie in these. 
I still have plenty more combos that I will post later!

So here are the current top 6 bagels hubby enjoys,
I will be posting one "recipe" a day for the next 6 days!

I hope they inspire you to get creative too! 

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