Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dreaming of Fall

When we lived in Utah, fall came in September.
I got the itch by the end of August and couldn't wait to set up the house for fall, my favorite season!

We moved to Arizona.
 Our first November it was still 100 degrees outside. (Mesa)
I was crushed. NO FALL.
No color change, no crisp air. NADA.

We moved to Southern Arizona.
We moved in November 1st and it was 70 degrees outside.
I was thrilled! FALL!
We are right next to the mountains and they were changing color. 
A quick 30 minute drive found us up a canyon with foliage.

 So now here it is, end of August and I am just dreaming of the fall.
I made my first purchase of the season, via Homegoods and

My first find are these darling antique S&P shakers.
Not usable, but super cute and I'm hoping to find a second set the compliment them.
 I love how chippy they are! They are actually quite large and stand out beautifully.

But my BIG FIND and squeal happened to be found at Homegoods.
Mercury glass pumpkins!!
I have been wanting some from Potty Barn, but $60 for one just wasn't happening.
I paid $75 for 5 pumpkins and got a great mixture of colors and sizes.
The big one is actually a light!
I haven't tested it yet (no AAA batteries in the house?) but can't wait to see it glowing!
And the big, flat silver one has lovely etchings on it.
The bottom one here was actually marked as clearance due to the stem missing.
Silly them, didn't they know I would still have paid full price? Ok, maybe not.
I snatched it up knowing a stack would be adorable.

While there I  also found this cute guy on clearance:
(The bottom of the glass is missing it's decorative rim.)
He will be perfect for Halloween I think.

And table runner came from here for only $6!
The have it selvaged edged (like mine) or frayed.
It is actually long enough for my table too!
The linen washes nicely and is super soft.
It actually looks little a light in the photos, but it does stand out more in person.

Now this all is put back in the closet until fall is actually here!!!! 
Dreaming away....


  1. Oh lord, I live in Mesa please it can't be 100 degrees in November.
    Love your fall decorations. :)

  2. Those pumpkins are a great find! I started getting the itch to pull out my fall decorations last week, but decided I would hold out until September 1st. :)

  3. I lived in Illinois until I was 18 and now I live in Florida. No Fall! I have to decorate the indoors, crank up the A/C and pretend. I made myself a latte this morning and started pulling out the décor this afternoon. Sure I was sweating my butt off finding everything in the garage this afternoon (85+ degrees out) but now as I sit here in my fall-ified home it was worth it. LOL!

  4. LOVE all the fall inspiration! I'm dieing to start decorating for fall and halloween! I think it's time to officially get the Fall wreath on the door!

  5. Love the mercury glass pumpkins! I can't wait to start decorating!!