Monday, July 22, 2013

Updated Dining Area!

Just 3 little things to change up the dining area.
TABLE (refashioned)



I just love the light!
My husband insisted on getting it, and I didn't argue.
It was a totally splurge.
(Found it on Pottery Barn)
We spent more than originally budgeted, but it was perfect.
We would rather spend more and be totally happy than spend less and be just satisfied. 

The rug was a great deal from HomeGoods (always good deals!). 

And the table is our good old IKEA table, with new paint. 
It seats 12 with the leaves in. 
Really can't see a reason to get rid of it yet.

I plan on making either new dropcloth slipcovers for the chairs or doing covered benches.
Can't decide!
My Spaghetti jars got a swap out (and multiplied).
They now hold fresh flowers. 
I just buy flower bunches from my grocer!
Saves money and they can still look lovely. 
$10-15 on flowers every week or so is doable I think!

Working a to tie the family room to the kitchen/dining area.
(Hence the new slipcover debate for the dining chairs.)

I finally scored some PB slipcovers from
$50 each! Hooray! 
Much cheaper than new sofas or full priced covers. AND:
Now my mismatched sofas match! 
Super easy to clean too.
I do battle with keeping them straight and tucked.
But it is worth it! 


Still working on the family room.
We have a major project of built ins coming soon!!!
Also, the master bedroom recently was painted and new bedding arrived, I will be sharing it all soon!!!!


  1. Love the changes, I really like the lighter table and light fixture change! :-)

  2. I think this is my first time visiting your blog... The dining room looks awesome, and I love the lights (and the photo bomb - how CUTE!!!). Julia

  3. What a transformation! Your dining room looks so inviting and romantic...great job!

  4. Oh my gosh that is an incredible light, I want one for my home.


    Creative Raisins

  5. It really looks fantastic!! Thank you so much for sharing at All Things Thursday!


  6. I love the light too!


  7. This transformation is amazing! Wonderful job! I am in love with the colors and decor!

  8. that light fixture is so beautiful and the perfect size!

  9. Everything is so beautiful! The light fixture was worth the splurge. Love the mason jars with flowers. So simple, but so pretty! Thanks for linking up to Life Inspired. I'm featuring your dining room refresh this week.

  10. All your changes are perfect! I loved it before too, though!

  11. I love the transformation you made by changing those three little things! It looks awesome and I featured you on my blog today :) Thanks for linking up and we hope to have you back tomorrow! -Kelsey

  12. So pretty, bright and open! Love the slip covers on the chairs! And the light... love PB! You're so right, sometimes you spend more to get what you really love! I think it's cheaper in the long run cuz you're not constantly trying out "cheap" alternatives to find something you actually like which ends up costing more in the long run. (I'm currently battling this with curtains.)
    Thanks for sharing your lovely space!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  13. Oh I love all the changes! You have a beautiful home. and baby : ) How did you score the slipcovers?? I never have any luck with finding what I want on that site. Can't wait to start the Blog Tour!