Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Promotion. A Start and an End.

And ending first:

I held it together. I did not cry.
I almost did.
Crying would have been ok though.
That is my little girl.
Not so little now!
Accepting her promotion to middle school.
Where did the time go????
She had an amazing teacher this year.
This sweet girl almost lost her life this year.
Taylor was so upset during that scary time, after her recovery, Taylor paid extra attention to her needs and cherished their friendship more deeply.
It was so touching to see her smiling and jumping for joy!
The loudest cheers were for her. 
One of her biggest fans! 
Nate has a hard time with our girls growing up.
He wishes they could stay little princesses forever.

And a Start:

Raedin is going into first grade!
 The boys escorted the girls in, love!
 He was so excited!
Little sisters cheering him on!
 Good bye Kindergarten, Hello First Grade!!!

Graduating with a cousin makes it even better!

Another school year over!
Time just zooms and they just keep growing. 

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