Tuesday, May 21, 2013

California Strawberry Festival

Prepare for some odd photos folks.
And crappy phone photos as well.
I just returned home from a weekend working at the annual
California Strawberry Festival!
Rocking out body art in the form of glitter and henna.

Before heading out, I touched up my roots:
I still love my white, but it won't be around much longer.....

Here is the band LMFAO/LA FREAK.
They were on my flight from Vegas to Burbank.
Seriously. They dress like this in person.
Once I arrived safely in CA 
I hung out at a friend's, alone, for a few hours.
 I didn't mind.
Her chickens kept me company.
And the view at the top of her property is amazing.

The rest of the trip was all business, but it was fun.
 We wear strawberry outfits.
The crowd loves it.
 I can only take credit for the photos....
The work was done by my friends.

No photos of my own work this time around!
I was too too busy!

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