Friday, May 3, 2013

Baked Brie Bites

So easy. So yummy.

Seriously, I've been making these 3-5 times a week for lunch
Or a snack.
Or with dinner.

Ingredients needed:
Puff Pastry sheets (thawed)
Artichoke hearts, chopped
Sun Dried Tomatoes, chopped

And here is the annoying thing about me.
I eyeball everything.
All I can tell you is I do equal parts Pesto and Sundried toms.
1 part each of those and 2 parts Artichoke Hearts.
Does that make any sense?
I sure hope so.
For 9 bites (or 1 sheet of puff pastry) you need about 1 full cup of the filling. 

Most frozen puff pastry sheets are divided in thirds.
So cut each of those into equal thirds.
9 squares.

Place a small cube of Brie in the center of each.
Spoon in some fillin', about 1 tablespoon.
Fold corners in toward center.
Place each in a greased muffin tin.

 Pretend my muffin tin isn't scary looking.
I think we all have one pan or cookie sheet we are ashamed of...
I have like 3. 

Preheat oven to 450.
Bake for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown.
The dough will puff up so nicely!

Cool on wire rack (in tin) for 5 minutes.
Serve warm.

Crunchy, puffy, savory, creamy perfection!
Yes, yes I know.
Brie on a Camembert plate.

My cheese plate selection is limited.
Although I did see a cute Brie crock at Target yesterday......

Happy Eating!


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  1. I've pinned these coz they look so yummy and easy to make, which I love

    I would love it if you could share this on my link party Serenity Saturday

    Natasha xx