Saturday, April 27, 2013

I'm Back! (Miss me?)

I just got home from a wonderful visit to the East Coast.
Vermont and Maine.
It was a much needed break.
AND my hubby took off work and stayed home with all the kids.


Day 1:
I stayed with my little sister Katy and her family. 
She is my best friend!
I tried "fiddleheads" for the first time and loved them!
They are like a cross between asparagus and fennel.
Too bad I can't get them out west!
My little brother was impersonating our father. Looks just like him.
We always get a serious photo.
If you saw my post from last fall from Jay's wedding, you know he is a professional Shakespearean actor/director. 
So dramatic is a must!
My view at dinner.
The restaurant was right at the bridge between Vermont and New Hampshire.
This view is on the Vermont side, Brattleboro. 

Day 2:
My niece helping me walk the horse. 
We went riding even though it was rather chilly out!
I rode with both of them to go "fast" and then we walked them about.

My niece Evie's first time riding. She loved it!
I went around to thrift shops and antique stores and brought succulents from Arizona with me to create fairy gardens.
My nieces collected bits and bobs before I arrived to add.
I found little pewter fairies in a shop there in Brattleboro.
Later that night was girls night in!
Beer Cheese Fondue and Chocolate Fondue

I miss these ladies so much!!!!!!

And of course, henna. :)

Day 3:
 We started early on our 3 hour drive to Portland, Maine.
We stopped in Kittery for lunch and gifts.
 We lunched at the famous "Bob's Clam Hut".
EXCELLENT fish n' chips!
We then drove someplace dear to us: Nubble Lighthouse.
Katy and I collected models and pictures of this lighthouse when we were little. 
We used to beg our dad to become its caretaker so we could live in it. Oh the dreams of children!

 Reaching for seashells!

That night, we left Zoe with our friend Mairi's (above) mom so we could enjoy a "grown up dinner" and concert in Portland.
 The restaurant was a boat docked at the harbor.
Such wonderful fresh seafood!
 I wasn't allowed to use my camera at the concert.
But here we are in our dorky-glory via the phone camera!
 We made shirts with lyrics from a favorite song....
The highlight of the show for us was when Katy and Mairi brought beers to the stage during the second set for the band. 
They called them angels for doing so and asked the crowd to thank them.
Great Big Sea is from Newfoundland and we totally adore them.
They really know how to put on a show!
That night, we stayed at Mairi's parents house.
An ancient colonial home full of civil war items, history, and antiques.
I slept on a rope bed. Seriously.
It was extremely comfortable!

Day 4:
We drove back from Portland and headed to the Grafton Cheese Co.
It is a must stop!
I brought back loads of sealed cheeses. 2 and 5 year cheddars and such.
Nothing beats Vermont Sharp Cheddar!
We went to a wonderful park and I did some family photos for my sister.
 In just under a year, Katy has lost 50lbs!
From a size 22 to a size 8!
Since their last family pictures in the fall, she had dropped 25lbs!

 This is Mo:

Day 5:
 Friday was a rush to get things packed and ready to go to the airport.
We enjoyed a finally lunch with my brother and his wife.
And my final stop:
Seeing my grandpa.
He fell in March and broke his hip on the ice,
ever since, he has been in a rehabilitation care center.
We don't think he'll be going home.
He is almost completely blind and has diabetes.
He can barely walk now.
It was so hard to see him this way!
I'm just grateful I was able to see him and get a smile or two!

It was a whirlwind of non-stop activity and fun.
Today we are doing nothing and going nowhere.
10 hours of travel yesterday and a jump between 3 hours of time zones has me beat!
I should be back to crafting and cooking this next week though.



  1. Looks like such a fun trip! And way to go Katy, 50 lbs is incredible! It makes me so sad about Grandpa though, we really need to get out there :(

  2. O.M.G. thanks for the pics I live in Phoenix but grew up in Exeter, NH. My sister and brother live in NH and ME. Kittery........ Nuble light wow!!! Going out this summer thanks tor the warm up. ;)

  3. you hair is seriously ROCKIN! #hairenvy :)