Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Glitter Tattoos for Haiti

Believe it or not:
I'm a professional body artist.
No joke!

What are glitter tattoos?
Glitter tattoos are a temporary tattoo (1-5 days)
They are completely safe, we only use body art quality materials, no chemicals such as PPD.
My father owns Faketoos which is one of the world's largest suppliers of stencils used to create these tattoos.
I own Doodle On Yoo which is henna body art company.
 I also lecture at conferences around the country (and soon world!) about the importance of safe body art products and their uses. 

We are teaming up with one of the largest henna suppliers, Henna Caravan 
to provide tattoos to a medical team due to head to Haiti this summer.

Why Haiti? 
Many medical professionals devote time, money, and love into medical clinics and visits to orphanages in Haiti. 
The people of Haiti are, for the most part, left without any sort of care or assistance from their own government, 
they depend on such clinics to receive basic services to simple surgeries. 
All of which is done with limited medications and no anesthesia. 
My mother and sister have both participated in such clinics.

Our efforts to bring something as simple as a glitter tattoo to the children at these clinics may seem small and unimportant, but they not only need medical care, they need joy and fun and laughter. The clinics can be a scary experience for most and for some painful. 
We hope our supplies and tattoos will help them cope and cheer them up!

The pricey part is the glue.
It is a special, medical grade adhesive made for use on skin.
And it ain't cheap.
However, we are able to purchase it at cost!
  At cost, we can make each dollar donated stretch further.

If you are interested in making a donation of any amount:
Please contact me via email: doodleonyoo@gmail.com

I will be collecting donations for 1 month and then will make a single purchase for the glue.      

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide to our efforts!

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  1. Not only a great Mom but also a wonderful person, who comes from a caring family, also have great kids. Its a pleasure to learn about you, not enough good people in the world. I wish I could give help. I live on a fixed income, but I could post on face book about it if thats okay.I spent my life helping people and its wonderful to see other helping and caring. Good luck and hope you have a wonderful experience doing it..