Saturday, March 2, 2013

Phone Photo Dump.

I have a head cold that is kicking my booty this week! I had two posts planned, but they will have to wait. So instead, you get some photos from my phone from adventures this week, as I can do that from the comfort of my bed. ;)
I'll have some fun things next week including tutorials and recipes!
I went platinum! And I love it.
At the candy store getting goodies for Easter.
Breaded Eggplant for an upcoming recipe.
Curried Chicken and Quinoa. Another recipe coming up soon!
Used our awesome tutorial to make some new headbands for the babies.
This feel out of the ceiling and onto my HEAD while I was showering.

My new addiction.......


  1. I am sorry you are under the weather. Those girlie are so cute! Looking forward to that recipe!

  2. Such fun photos! Happy Sunday!

  3. I can't resist a redhead. I'm the mother of one myself. And don't you love Bolthouse. Yum. Great shots.