Friday, March 22, 2013

One Cut. Six Styles.

 When I first decided to chop off all my hair, I was told that short hair was "limited" and I'd get bored with it.
So I styled it the same way everyday and then yes, got bored.
I grew it back out and into a ponytail it went everyday.
Now that is long hair also being boring, but it was so much work for me to do everyday that I just didn't have time for.
I had this cycle of: pixie cut-3 year grow out-pixie cut-3 year grow out and so on.
(And when I say grow out: I mean to the elbows.)
Then I realized last fall, when once again off it all came, that I didn't have to be bored with it.
Because once again, I was told it would "limit me".

Well, I've kept is super short for about 8 months now and it has been both brown and platinum.
Being a mom of 5 munchkins, I need quick and easy.
Short tends to be quick and easy.
I have no desire to grow it out anytime soon. 

Here is what I've learned I can do with my "limited" cut.
This is over one week, so it is the same hair cut being styled. 
Click on a style to be taken to the how to!


  1. STOP IT RIGHT NOW!! My resolve for growing my hair out is dwindling seriously! I love these! Not sure of it would work quite the same with curly hair tho... it tends to be MORE work for me what with the meticulous flat ironing that has to go on. :/ but you look fab!!

    1. I think your poly hair would be afro-licious! ;)

  2. stunning! i love what you've done.



  3. You wear every single one of those styles very, very well! My fave is the faux hawk!

    1. Thank you! :) I love the Faux Hawk, it is how I style it most days.

  4. I really should not have come over to see your short styles. I promised without thinking to grow my hair out long for a cancer awareness project. I am missing my short bob. I love all your styles - the faux hawk being my favorite. You look very glamorous in all the styles!

  5. Love love love the hair cut! My favorite is the headband look.

  6. i love, love, love it! I have finally found someone who cuts my hear like i like it--- short and cute! I will most definitly have to give a few of these a try. Thanks for showing it!

  7. Really cute...and fun, too! You have many choices - I like the headband style...really sweet!
    Thanks for linking up this week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  8. Super cute! Thanks for linking up at Homemade By You last week! Your going to be featured at tonights party! Hope to see you back!

  9. Is you cut similar to Emma Watson short or like J-Laws?

  10. This is great, but I was curious is your pixie similar to Emma Watson and Natalie Portman where it is short in the front or is you haircut like J-Laws where the font has a longer piece? Just curious. Thanks!

  11. My goodness, all of those style are super cute! I've been contemplating cutting my hair that short for a long time, but I've never had the confidence to do so until I saw all the possibility in this cut. Would you mind posting some pictures of you hair unstyled? I'd love to see the base cut so I, and my salon, can know how to cut it. I'm in love with all of this!