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Birthday Weekend, Party #2-Country Fair

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The second birthday in our Birthday Weekend.
Check out little brother's party here.
age 9
Birthday: April 2nd
theme: Country Fair

This party was suppose to be amazing.
Lots of prep and creativity behind it.
But is was so very, very sad.

Because no friends came.
Not one showed up.
Evelynn was crushed and confused.
She thought maybe she had made her friends mad or was forgotten.
We don't know why, I'm guessing due to the holiday.
Evelynn cried for a few minutes, wiped her tears, and was determined to make the best of it.
Her daddy wore a pink ribbon and so did grandpa.
Her siblings and our cousins from down the road worked hard on being extra loving and kind to her.
We watched her favorite movie, the Black Stallion.
Made mini-pies and homemade ice cream.
Enjoyed fresh kettle corn and made friendship bracelets.  

In her usual fashion, she asked if we could take some of the pie and homemade ice cream to the sales lady across the street.

This girl amazes me.
Despite having been hurt, she wanted to serve others and spread joy. 

So here are some pictures of the would be party:          

 Home made ice cream, kettle corn, and mini pies! 
Mini mason jars made perfect mini pies!
My mother in law made each of the ribbons!

Evelynn decorated each bottle and straw.
Her Great Great Grandma's fudge recipe.
Mammaw always came to the kids' birthday parties!
Passed away 2 years ago, but her recipes and food memories remain!

But don't worry, the day wasn't a total disappointment.
This is what she lives for and our neighbors lovingly let her ride and said she is welcome whenever she wants:
Going a little fast and losing the stirrups!
 Fearless girl.
 Sharing our passion.
 I was trying to rein her in a bit, she just wanted to go fast!
 Taking on the big boy.
She showed him who was boss!
  Happy Birthday Evelynn Grace! 

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a sweet girl and a sad story. It brought tears to my eyes-- I would have been devastated if it was I on my 9th birthday.

    It *is* hard to have a birthday right around a holiday. My son was invited to one on July 3rd last year, and we were going to be away for the holiday. I called to decline, and the mother said that she understood but it was hard having everyone busy or out of town on his birthday. I felt horrible that my son couldn't make the party.

    A Tossed Salad Life

  2. My heart just broke. Totally broke. But she will be a stronger girl, teen, and woman because of it. What a sweetie to turn it into such a positive experience. ~ Holly

  3. What a bummer!!! I'm always afraid that no one will show up to a party I throw for anything. Her friends seem to have missed out of a wonderful party!! I am in L O V E with the ribbon pin and all the food & everything. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!
    Cheers to her for being on the positive side of life (and to you & your family for making her so!!!) :)

    Have a wonderful day-
    Kim @ Two Ten Designs

  4. Well your an amazing Mother, which is why Evelynn is a bright shining spirit, it a shame some kids are no very nice,obviously she learned who is important in her life, hard lesson we all have to learn. Mammaw was there in spirit too as well as in the memories. I'm sure Evelynn will do great things all her life. This post just tug at my heart and gave me a warm feeling inside of me, thanks so much for that.. Thanks for sharing..

  5. Oh I love this!

    Would love for you to link it and your other party posts up at my new Empty Your Archive link party - there is a focus this week on parties, Alice @ Mums Make Lists x

  6. What an absolutely beautiful party you both created. Everything has so much love put into it and it looks like it would have been wonderful. How heartbreaking to not be able to share it all with friends. I'm so glad that your daughter was able to handle it with grace and still think of others. What a treat to be gifted with riding time!

  7. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry that happened! I am glad she was able to smile by the end of the day.

  8. Bless her heart! I can only imagine her little feelings. Your party is beautiful!

  9. What a beautiful mom and daughter, Evelynn I would have loved to come to your party and watch the Black Stallion with you :)

  10. Evelynn, you are beautiful! And blessed to have such a wonderful family! I would love to celebrate and watch the Black Stallion with you!