Sunday, March 31, 2013

Birthday Weekend, Party #1-Skylanders

Two of my kids have birthdays 1 day apart.
They REFUSE to share a party now.
So. I was crazy and did 2 parties in one weekend.
Well, that is, 2 parties in one day.
I did say crazy, right?

The weekend started with a surprise visit from Grandpa!
Not even I knew he was coming. 
Dinner, ice cream, and hot rods were on the list for Friday night:
 First up on party day:
age 6 

Skylanders is his favorite video game other than Mario Bros.
He will get up at 5:30 am just to play before I'm up!

Grandpa worked some photoshop magic and came up with:
     Raedin, of course, loved that it was his name!
Next, I came up with his invites:
  The game characters all have an element sign.
Earth, Life, Water, Air, Undead, Magic, and Water.
We decided to create challenges in each of these elements.
Each kid picked a bag with tools needed to complete the challenges. 
  Raedin picked his favorite characters for each element and designed the games for them
I wish I had pictures of all of them, but we were just too busy!

The video game has what is called "The Portal of Power"
It is what activates the little figures on the screen.
Easy choice for the cake!
 I had fun making it and it was SO yummy!

    I took the opportunity to teach one of my daughters paper mache this week by creating 8 mini pinatas.
We made them to look like "Chompies" from the game.

In the fashion of "Stump Smash", each kid smashed their own with a giant hammer!
(Shield making challenge.)

Happy Birthday Raedin!! Love you!

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  1. What a fun a creative party! I love all of the detail you put into it - the cake is fabulous! I have to admit that the Friday night hot rod and ice cream with Grandpa sounds pretty cool, too!

  2. how did you make that Chompie? my son wants a skylander party... and I'd love to make those too... originally i was simply going to have them pop green balloons to "kill chompies"... but I'd love to do these instead....

    1. Email me and I can explain it to you. :)

  3. Cute ideas! We had a blast at our Skylanders Party too! I adore your chompies pinatas! Those are so cute!!! Great job!