Tuesday, March 5, 2013

BIG project underway!!

 Currently our yard is a big empty bit of dirt.
 Landscaping with the build only included the front yard.
I mean, really. It is ALL dirt. (And dog poop.)
So, we are getting down to business this month and starting the long process of spiffying it up.
First thing is to dig into the slope and build the garden beds.
Each lot is slightly higher than the next, so each yard as one wall with this stupid slope.
We are doing it all by hand. 
Because we are cheap.
And crazy.

Hubby got to working on it early this morning and babies jumped in to "help":
 I bought Afton and Éowyn a tiny shovel and they love it!
 Afton: "This is hard work!" (after 5 minutes)
 Éowyn's job is to move rocks. Yup. She's a rock mover.
 She places them carefully around the edge of what will be the playhouse.
 She takes her job seriously.

 Future playhouse! It will even have it's own fruit trees and landscaping.
 Putting that shovel to work!
 I'm slowly buying succulents to use around the yard.
      Stay tuned to see the progress and eventual finished yard.
Let's just say, it will be awhile.
We have literally tons of brick to lay as well.  


  1. Is this Las Vegas?? We just moved from there after 25 years and it looks just like it. we know the pain of landscaping from scratch. It's tough! heatha100@gmail.com