Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Giant Felt Fortune Cookie (Tutorial)

These are so fun!
Super fast and inexpensive as well.
I made one for each of my kids' teacher and one for my hubby.
Each fortune cookie uses 1 standard sheet of felt
craft/floral wire
hot glue
extra felt for hearts and ribbon
candy for stuffing!
Start by cutting a large circle.
Fold length wise, then width, cut on a curve (4.5 inches)
Ta da!   
 From the sheet you just used, cut on edge off length wise, about 1".
Clip just under 9 inches of wire and make a line of glue across one of your fold marks.
Lay wire down on glue and place felt strip over.
Add more glue to the edges to hold it down and sandwich the wire.
Trim any over hang.

Cut out ribbon (4 inches) and a heart.
  Glue heart to backside of circle and the ribbon just on the edge of inside.
Give the wire a good bend in the middle:
  So the back/outer side of circle touches and then fold the circle in half LENGTHWISE so edges meet.
Now you need to glue your edges together.
Start with the non-ribbon side and work your way around.
When you reach your ribbon, hop over it and glue just the corner.
 You will now have this sort of shape:
 Just give it some bending by touching the corners together.
Gently pulling the fabric to help shape it.

Now stuff that cookie!
The little hole is perfect for Hershey's Hugs and Kisses!
You could also slip a little love note or two in.