Friday, February 1, 2013

Getting back to normal.

My daughter is almost over her surgical recovery.
Now my husband and I are feeling like crap.
Go figure.
I have a couple fun posts coming up soon though!
For now, here are some baby pics:
(Who doesn't love a cute baby?)  
Sleeping beauty.
I love her freckles!

 Éowyn (left) came to sit by Afton during her time out. 
What a good sister!
They don't like to be separated or see each other cry.
We love out little reds.  

And here is what my dad did with the cute photos:


  1. loving the comic strip--keep em comin!

    best to you.


  2. So cute! When my daughter had eye surgery the rest of us got the flu- what gives? Feel better soon! And thank you for sharing on Photo Friday!

  3. Beautiful,beautiful, beautiful. the pics the story, the girls, ahhhh, you are blessed. Hope and hubby feel better. Words very sweet.