Sunday, January 27, 2013

Playroom Library

This project was featured on Buzzfeed! 

41 Clever Organizational ideas for Your Child's Playroom

The playroom as an "L" shaped entrance and I hate wasting space.
So what to do??

The lovely young man at Home Depot cut down some 1x4 and 3/4" square boards for me.

The square boards I used to form the let edge the books lean against for displaying.
Basically, I just lined them up and nailed them down.
My kiddos even helped out on this one!
After a ton of nailing and sanding, they were ready to paint!

I decided to just use L-brackets to attach the shelfs to the wall. 
 It took one day to prep and 1 hour to hang.
(Making sure to use the studs or molly anchors.)
  The kids love their little library and how their books are like art.
It takes up hardly any room at all unlike traditional bookcases.

(Printables for wall art found here.)

I'll do a full reveal soon, just working on a few more projects!



  1. Way to go! That's an awesome project and a great feature! Congrats!

  2. where did the prints come from? I love!

  3. I love your little corner library! I'm linking to your post on my Facebook page on October 18th, so coming up in a few weeks! Love this!

  4. How many inches did you leave between shelves?