Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blue eyes, update.

This is how she has to tilt her head and turn her eyes to see.
For background, read here.

 Good news:
Afton's therapist feels her eyes will be greatly improved with treatments!
She will have 2 sessions a week for ~20 weeks.
Eye patches worn for a short time each day.
Glasses and blinders full time.

Bad news:
They don't know what is causing the muscle spasms,
but they do have a couple theories and therapy will help them find out more of the cause as they spend more time with her. 

Good news:
Afton's therapist is wonderful.
She sits right down on the floor, smiles constantly, and really makes Afton feel comfortable while in the office.

Bad news:
Her appointments are a 30 minute drive each way.
Insurance may not cover any of the cost.

Good news:
She'll eventually see the world more clearly.


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  1. God has big plans for this sweet girl. Big plans. This is a part of her story. She is a beauty for sure.