Saturday, November 24, 2012


Helping Aunt Katy!

  My sister flew in from Vermont with her daughter Zoe.
 The girls loved helping!
 A quick kiss in the kitchen.
 Katy's Apple Pie.

 My Cherry Pie.
 The "Grown Up" table.

 The Kids' Table.
"Look Mom! We're baking."
 Our mom sent us aprons and wanted to make sure we used them. 

 Helping some more!

 Prettiest little thing! 

And the yummiest part:

Some one has pumpkin on her nose.

The next day we got right into Christmas with some tree decorating.
 The kids decorated some ornaments.
Glass Glitter is our Friend.

 Fluffing the branches.
 Afton was so excited!

Éowyn really didn't know what was going on, but sure liked it!

 Some cousin lovin'.

 Dad and Katy stringing the lights.
 Time to start hanging ornaments!

 The Kids' Tree is always colorful!
 Love the bright colors against the white.

I have two more trees to put up!!!


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