Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Saddest thing.
Éowyn (22m) makes a cute fairy and all.
But that wasn't suppose to be her costume.
The movers packed it by mistake! :(
She was still adorable though.

  Afton (3) was of course Merida.
There were four other Meridas, but only she had the real hair.

 Raedin (5) was going to be Mario...
...but again, the movers packed it on accident.
At least they left his Luigi gear out!

 This was her trial run make up for the church party a few days before, her make up the night of Halloween was better.
Still, she makes one cute sugar skull!
Awesome choice for an 8 year old if you ask me. 

 Taylor (11) LOVES Greek Mythology and asked me to make her 

I'm happy with how it turned out.
I sewed the dress and lent her some of my dance jewelry.
The helm we ordered online.

I didn't get any pictures on the actual night as we moved that night.
No pumpkin carving.
No decorating.
No candy for trick or treaters.
Worst way for an artist to spend Halloween!

Looking forward to next year to make up for it. 


  1. How did you sew the Athena costume (general idea in words - I don't need a tutorial)? My daughter (age 10) is being Athena in a school project and I could wrap a sheet around her but I'm in the mood to be a little more creative with her and actually sew.

    1. I pretty much just folded a large rectangle of white jersey, sewed up two sides until I hit armpit/opening length I wanted. Then cut out a scooping neckline. In the front and back I stretched a piece of elastic and stitched in places, it helps cinch in the waistline. For the cape I cut a smaller rectangle and edged with stiff ribbon, that gave it the curvy edges. Stitched in place at the shoulders which I gathered and wrapped with ribbon to keep in place.
      For around her waist I tied a long sash of the same white jersey and layered that with more ribbon. All in all it took about 30 minutes to sew!