Monday, October 22, 2012

German Beef Rolls {Rouladen}

This is one of my family's favorite dishes!
It is super tasty and very filling!

Ingredients needed:
4 cuts of beef that are long and flat
4 bread slices
1/2 sweet onion
4-6 dill pickles
1 pack Liptons Beefy soup mix
1 can chicken broth
Stone Ground German mustard
butchers twine 
*bacon is tasty in it too! put it in uncooked.*
Side dish: red roasted potatoes and/or spaetzle.  
 You want to dice your pickles, bread,  and onion.
 Mix together and coat with mustard.

 If doing potatoes, start them first.
Dice. Coat with EVOO and herbs.
Cook at 425 for 25-35 min. or until golden.

 Prepare beef rolls:

 Divide filling into fourths.
Place on beef leaving space around edges to allow for rolling.
 Tie with butchers twine.
 Place in even layer in large stock pot.
Cover rolls with packet of Liptons and can of broth.
Cook on medium heat for 25-30 mins.
Remove rolls from pan, let sit 5 mins and remove twine.
Slice into pinwheels. 

For Gravy:
 Stir 4 tsp cornstarch into 1/4 c. cold water until smooth.
Add to hot liquid left in stock pot and cook 1 min or until thick. 

Serve rolls on spaetzle or potatoes and spoon gravy over. 

I'm sorry I don't have a finished picture! We were too hungry to wait! ;)


  1. Me oh my! this looks so delicious! How did it taste...???

    Bon Appétit ~ Crystelle

  2. Oh my word! That looks awesome!Thanks for sharing!
    Stacey of Embracing Change