Saturday, October 27, 2012

I will return to blogging, I will return to blogging, I will return.....

I've been hardly posting.
I've been hardly crafting, sewing, or painting.
I've been preparing to move!
We are *suppose* to close on our house next week.
Here is what it looked like 5 days ago: 
The shutters are in the garage, not on the house.
There was NO landscaping finished.
Although they were working on the wall.
 Walking in looked pretty good!
 Until I saw the kitchen. 
Where is the hood????

I started to panic.
Then we decided to check on the upstairs.
I started panicking more.
No stain on the rails.

Thankfully, the carpet was upstairs being installed.

*on time*

I can't take the wait anymore!!!! 
Fingers crossed.


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