Wednesday, October 17, 2012

HennaCon 2012

For those who don't know, I am a professional body artist.
Crazy right?

I'm sure your asking yourself if such a thing even exists and if so, WHY? has many mediums and just as many (if not more) canvases.
 I just happen to enjoy henna as my medium and the body as my canvas.
I had the honor of being an instructor at a large convention this month in Camarillo, CA. 
I taught along side artists from New Zealand, the UK, Canada, and all over the US.
It was fun, exhausting, educational, and lovely. 
If you ever want to find out more about henna, you can visit my other site:
 To learn about this conference:

Here are some examples from this weekend:

 This young lady came into the conference to be a model for the "crown" demonstration. 
She was celebrating her recent remission and her hair is just starting to grow back.

 Photos by Christine Ralston (me)
Henna by Jessica McQueen and Joey Anderson

 Some of my work:
(I specialize in western influence/non traditional patterns and work.)

I did the floral pattern to the left, a friend did the Moroccan pattern to the right.

Work by others:
My daughter's leg by the talented Mark Foster from England.
A large fairy piece (across a back) by Kim Brennan of Canada.
The loveliest little dragon by Malynda Tommasian from Salt Lake City.
 In the news:
Front page of section 2.
There are no henna dyes other than the original which stains red/brown.
I was teaching about safe body paints, inks, adhesives, etc.
Still cool that they talked about me though...

 My daughter's hand! with the work of Kim Brennan.

Doing what I love to do.

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