Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the BIG binder {part 2}

the BIG binder
{part 2}

You may have already checked out the Family binder.
It has cleaning schedules, shopping/meal planning, etc.
Once again, I used some forms and ideas from here.
So now we have:

the FINANCE binder

the BILLS section

A yearly/monthly checklist.
My husband and I are constantly asking each other:
"Did you pay such-and-such bill this month?"
This helps us keep track of who paid what and that all bills get paid each month.
The "date" is meant to be the monthly due date. 
This next one helps us with what was paid to whom.
Some bills are temporary, some permanent and it is always nice to see balances go down every month!

the SPENDING section

Every and any purchase/expense gets written down.
We collect receipts in a folder all week and copy them down.
It helps give me a visual on how and where money is being spent.
Since I've created a tight budget {coming up soon} this helps track it.

the BUDGET section
Since budgeting is personal, I won't go into too much detail, but will go over a little of how this system works.
The {above} page I group certain things together and list it in the "Expense" column. 
ex.Insurances=car, house, health, life, etc.
The "Amount Budgeted" is a lump sum of those combined expenses.
"Fixed" indicates a fixed monthly payment, mark Y or N.
The next page {above} is a tracker of income. 
Although my husband is salary paid, it isn't monthly, but bi-weekly.
This means he sometimes gets 2 paychecks a month, or 3.
Makes it a little tricky to budget, but I can at least have an idea and keep track of the difference between income and expense.
Also, any bonuses or unexpected income can be recorded.

Behind both of these I have a Monthly Budget that we create at the end of the previous month. 
The Expense categories get broken down and we can address specific needs for that month.
ex. Birthdays, trips, medical appointments, etc.

And because I'm OCD.
I changed this from "month" to "year".
I like to see how well we are sticking to our budget!
The difference goes to savings and a small % to a big purchase.

the TAXES section

This form helps keep track of tax expenses as they happen.
It'll make tax preparation easier to have things all ready organized.

the HOME section

This could also be put in SPENDING.
As a DIY-er, I can get carried away.
Again, a visual to help me see where and how I'm spending money.
This is sort of the "Hubby To Do List".
Things that might be to big for me {or us} to handle.

the AUTO section

In the past....I've let my van go pretty far over the 3,000 mile rule.
And those little stickers in the window don't come with new tires, brake pads, AC charges, and fuel system cleaning.

Also in this section:
Copies of our insurance policy.
List of mechanics and parts stores we've used {and like}.
Reminders of when registration/licensing expires.


That's it!
All of my Family and Finances kept tidy in 2 little binders.

I keep both the binders and 3-hanging folders in a clear, acrylic filing container I picked up at Walmart.
{Folders are Receipts, Bills, and To Be Filed.}
Our life contained in one box that sits nicely on a counter top.

For filing and further storage:
I bought a fire-safe filer.
All of our tax returns, birth certificates, passports, etc. can go in it.
Under serious lock and key.

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