Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The BIG Binder

the BIG binder
is finished.

I gathered so many ideas and finally put them all to use.
My biggest help was here.
 I changed a few little things or just adapted to make it my own.
I'm so excited about this! 
I really am hoping it will help keep things organized and running smoothly from here on out.

It is actually 2 binders: Family and Finance.
Today I'm sharing the Family Binder.

the FAMILY binder

the CLEANING section

First up is my page:
  I arranged it to help me keep things tidy without feeling like that is all I do every day. 
Because, it feels like it is. 
I broke things down by morning/night, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
Devoting 1 day a week to deep cleaning specific areas of the house.

Behind my page:
 I feel like laundry is the most crazy chore I have.
My girls (and son) have 3 hampers to separate their dirties as they clean up.
Makes a huge difference and saves me time! 
The schedule will also be helpful to the hubby when I am out of town (which happens once a month or so). 
He'll be able to keep on top of things. Hopefully. That is the plan.

For the Kiddos:
I decided to just do chores on 4 week rotations that will just repeat over and over and over.
Each kid has the same basic chores with one changing daily.
I staggered these so that 3 rooms get cleaned each day and all 7 rooms get attention during the week.
Saturdays will be family clean up in the yard/garden.
Behind their chart is an allowance tracker:
To help them know what I want done in the room they are assigned,
 I created a cleaning detail that stays in the binder with the charts.

the SHOPPING section

Probably an essential part of all this is the shopping.
Our new home is "rural" with a 25-30min drive to get groceries.
We  will have a second fridge/freezer in the garage to help with storing the bulk amounts of food.
Having a set monthly/weekly list will also help with budgeting 
as we will know almost exactly what we spend every month on groceries. 

the MEAL section 
To help with making use of the bulk shopping and from "missing ingredient scenarios",  I created a few basic meals that require only a couple extra added ingredients that can be including in the weekly shopping. 
To take it a step further, I planned out 2 months of dinner menus:
The highlighted days are for the nights my daughters help in the kitchen or special occasions.

The monthly menu helps me also know what to thaw out each night for the following day.  

I then have print outs of all the recipes for that month, in order, to help when my daughters or husband step in to help.

I promise to get the recipes for some of these up soon!
A few are listed here.

the REST section

The rest of the Family Binder includes a pad of "To Do" lists
A calendar that can have things written down on easily.
An emergency contact list and allergy warning: 
ex.*We have one severe nut allergy child, so it explains the 911 procedure if needed.* 
And then a regular contact list like the doctors office, dentist, school, babysitters, etc.

I hope this inspires you or helps you create your own family binder!
If you have any suggestions or questions, please comment below.


the FINANCE binder
is now available.

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  1. Christine, this is absolutely a FABULOUS binder! Talk about organized!! LOVE IT!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  2. Yes, I'm the slacker that just now saw this!!! This is fabulous!!! Now if only i could quit work!!