Sunday, September 9, 2012

{Another} Wedding

Prepare for photo-fantastic overload people!
I had the chance to fly back to Vermont to see my little brother marry.

 Beautiful doesn't describe it well enough.

Jess asked Katy {lil sis} and I to help with flowers.
We created giant arrangements {above} for the tent legs.
As well as all the center pieces.
A bridesmaid created the bouquets and boutonnieres, her first ever!
All the flowers where truly wild, hand picked by the bride and maids. 
They went to fields and a grandfather's garden.
Cut down branches, harvested wheat, and pulled greenery. 
Maid of Honor {top left} and maids bouquets.
 Brides Bouquet.
 Grooms cuff links, Brides brooch.
 Flower girl basket.

Jess collected the cameos over time and from various sources.
They were a lovely, elegant, vintage touch to the rustic look.  

A bit of whimsy. 

 Far from traditional and completely perfect.
My stunning new sister, Jess.

My little brother, just before seeing his bride.

 My brother didn't just become a husband, he became a father.
He made vows not only to his bride, but to her daughter, their daughter.
He will be officially adopting her soon.
 I had the honor of dressing and grooming the flower girl.
My new niece.
It was wonderful and I love her so much already.
She picked out her bright blue shoes. 
How could I not love her?

 The family now united. 
First kiss.
James and I. 
Being dramatic.
My little brother is a professional Shakespearean actor, director, and an amazing performer.
He and Jess met while playing opposite each other in:
Romeo and Juliet. 

 My handsome daddy, now officially her grandpa.
I call her "Little Evie" as my daughter is also Evelynn.

Kiss after the dinner toast. 

 I was so happy to get crafty {unexpectedly} and make all the center pieces and floral arrangements for the tables.
Jess had collected beautiful cut crystal and antique stem ware.
Rocks, sand, water, candles, and floral made a beautiful setting.
 Cutting the cake.
 Cake kiss.

 First dance.

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  1. How beautiful! I love the breaks from tradition with touches of whimsy and unexpected wildflowers. You did a fantastic job on the bouquets and centerpieces. I love your niece's blue shoes. What a special day! I am your newest follower. I'd love for you to come over and visit me at Posed Perfection soon. Have a great week!