Monday, September 24, 2012

Mmm Mmm... Homemade Baby Food

You all will have to forgive me.  
#1: I know that it is not Thursday which is my normal day to post and, 
#2: I seem to have missed the past couple of Thursdays.

I have had quite a few things that I wanted to post about, but my busy life that surrounds my almost 8 month old, work, school, and a house has had me coming up short on my duty to make posts. It surprises me that when I start to do something, whether it was canning peach pie filling, or making my sister a car seat blanket for her new little one, I completely forget to take pictures of my steps so that I can write a post about it.  It drives me insane, but I am assured that it is not uncommon to have memory lapses when you are super stressed.  So, there you go.  I am sorry, however. 


Do you make your own baby food? Have you ever thought about giving it a try? I knew even before I was pregnant that when I do have kids, I would make my own baby food. It is SO easy, WAY cheaper, and MORE nutritious. 

When my son turned 4 months, I was all ready to get him started on cereal and "1st foods" such as peaches or carrots. I got the halting hand of his pediatrician.  He had told me about a new study that shows an increase in child obesity with children that start on baby food before 6 months of age.  Now, having talked to my girlfriends who are also mothers about it, they all got different stories from their pediatricians.  So, I have decided that every Doctor is different and a parent must do what they feel is best for their child.  As for me, I was totally fine waiting until 6 months before introducing him to new food; after all, breast milk or formula is still going to be their main source of nutrition until they are a year. 

Now, when he turned 6 months, I was oh so ready to start making him baby food.  
So, what do you need to make home made baby food?

That's it!   

Start with a selection of foods you want to try:

Prepare them how you want.  If I am doing soft fruit, I just puree them straight without doing anything to them.  The fresher things are, the better.  Harder fruit, like apples are steamed in a pot until soft, or baked until soft. 
Carrots, potatoes, frozen veggies such as peas, and green beans (who wants to spend all that time preparing fresh peas and green beans?) are also steamed in a pot until cooked and soft. 
Squashes are lightly covered with EVOO and roasted in the oven until tender. 
Beans are bought dry, soaked in water over night, and boiled until tender.  

Next step is to puree however you are able. (NOTE: some foods will not be a fine puree, and that is ok.)
Spoon the mixture into ice cube trays and then place in the freezer.
After they are frozen thru, put the cubes into a zip-loc bag, label with contents and date made. 
Yes, It is that simple. 

Now, you are ready to feed your little one the best baby food you have to offer, besides breast milk of course. :) I have no problems with thawing in the fridge, on the counter, or in the microwave.  But some people have their own way.

You must be wondering about the savings.  I count each cube as 1 small jar of baby food.  Each small jar of baby food at the grocery store ranges in price from 45 cents to 70 cents.  I get 16 cubes for about $2.  To make it even better, some of what I feed my son is free.  I get peaches, pears, apples, and cherries from his grandmothers back yard, and I get squash from my garden.

Here are some tips:
Buy quality foods, it is still way cheaper then buying jars of baby food
Cooking down some of the food makes for a better puree, but don't over do it or you'll rid the food of all the nutrients.
Try to keep the foods in their original way, ie: if you don't need to steam or boil to soften food, don't.
You wont always get a soft puree, that is ok. texture is good for them.  Just be sure not to feed them large clumps.

Lastly, I've noticed that home made food fills their bellies better.  It is not as watered down as jarred food, and the taste doesn't even compare. Here is a website/ blog that I found that helps give ideas on what you can make for your little one. 



  1. You make it look so simple.. I want to try this when I have another baby


  2. Great post. Thanks for the tips and information! New follower!