Thursday, September 27, 2012

Colors of the Seasons

    In a whirlwind of new changes that has happened to me since the new year, I find myself facing another beautiful fall season.  It's my favorite time of year.  The air is crisp and fresh after months of muggy dustiness. Leaves are showing their "true colors"; the pumpkin patches are calling my name.  Homemade soups and stews with fresh bread are moving up the dinner menu list.  It's wonderful! 


     My birthday falls on September 1, and I usually mark that day as the start of fall in my house.  Labor day weekend is when I take down most of the Primitive Patriotic decor that has been up since memorial day and replace it with my fall and Halloween decor lasting until the day after Thanksgiving when my Christmas goes up.  Of course, if my husband had a say, we would have Christmas up Labor Day weekend.  Silly man!

My go to Fall movie is "You've Got Mail" Why? Because of the line "Bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils." I love it! Every time a new school year approaches, I get so excited and want to make a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils.  
Baking! Hello! My husband rolls his eyes at me when he walks in the door and I have been baking away.  You'd think that he would be excited to start sampling the deliciousness, but I guess not.  The dinning room table is covered in yummy savory and sweet goodness that is sure to tighten the waist band on our pants.  My kitchen is a royal mess and I have somehow managed to cover myself in four.   

The anticipation and planning of the up coming holidays where we can focus on family, friends, and religion is all I can think about.  This will be my son's first holiday season.  I'm pretty sure that will make it one of the best seasons ever.  I cant wait to see his face when we turn on the Christmas tree lights for the first time.  
Of course, these are all reasons why I love the fall season.  But the most important reason is this is when we start showing thanks and expressing thanks for our many blessings that we have. I encourage you all to be extra thankful this year and to reach out to those that could use a helping hand. 

Happy Harvest Time

Witching You A Happy Halloween!




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