Thursday, September 6, 2012

Birthday Bash

Hello All,
     Today is Thursday, so it's my time to post.  Last Saturday, I turned 27.  I realized that I am staring down 30 even more these days. YIKES! Anyways, I woke up to my husband who was just bouncing with excitement, presents in hand.  One thing you have to know about my husband is that he CANNOT leave presents alone until the big day, whether its a birthday, Christmas, or even Valentines Day. So, for the couple weeks leading up to my birthday I had to keep dodging his attempts to give me my presents early.  I failed a couple times, but then told him that because he forced it on me, he has to go buy another present for me to open on my birthday. :) Ha ha, I have figured out a way to get more presents!
     Little did I know, my husband had a wonderful and very thoughtful gift planned.  Let me show you the before picture:
This is my upstairs hallway, and no, it wasn't blank before hand. My husband took down the 3 pictures that were up there before I could get my 'before picture' snapped.  Before there was a large framed picture of a lost girl sleeping in the woods that I have had since I was a little girl.  Flanked on either side of that picture were two winter scenes painted by my husbands grandmother. 

Now... Here is the after picture:
Can you believe it? My HUSBAND did this for me.  Very crafty of him, don't you think? I do! He went to a vinyl store in one of the local malls and had this print specially made for me.  No, I am not an uncontrollable fanatic of the movie 'The Notebook'.  This little saying came into our lives during our wedding ceremony after my husband recited his vows, he finished with "If you're a bird, I'm a bird".  Our guests erupted with laughter because our wedding decor was very shabby chic with birds and bird cages.
Then he had to sneak around behind my back to gather all of these pictures, print them and frame them.  I had no idea and it was wonderful.
We went out after opening gifts, spent the morning in the Provo, UT temple, went and spent a bunch of money on clothes for me and concluded the evening with a yummy Sushi dinner at Happy Sumo. 
I have to say that this was one of the better birthdays I've had in a while, and who knew that my husband could be so creative?
See you next Thursday,

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