Friday, August 3, 2012

Who am I?

So far my posts have all been tutorial or shares of a crafty nature.
I figured it's time I start actually sharing more of who I am and what makes me, me.
Sorry, this might be long, but it is an intro to my family:

I am lucky to be married to a Physicist that works unbelievably hard for Raytheon Missile Defense. Basically his job is blowing stuff up. Sort of. Not allowed to share much as it is a government secret clearance job and I don't even know half of it....other than they create missiles that blow up bigger missiles that might threaten our country. He just recently started this job a few months ago after completing his masters degree. Our entire marriage has found him school, until now. Adjusting to a 7am-5pm work schedule with no summer off is tough! Nate is also fluent in Spanish, French, and English. He is a brainiac, but lifts weights and and has Keith Urban hair. The sexy scientist. ;)

We are building our first home in Vail, AZ, just south of Tucson. Currently Nate is living in a tiny apartment in Tucson while I'm 2 hours north in our current dwelling. So during the week, I'm a single mom to our 5 munchkins. Peachy. Nate does drive home on the weekends to give me a much needed break. Hopefully the first week of November I will be posting from our house and will be with my husband! It was a big, grown up decision for us to buy, let alone build, so I'm super nervous and excited all at once. I'm sure you'll get house photo overload when the time comes.

My kids: Krystin, Evelynn, Raedin, Afton, Éowyn (A-O-win).

My oldest will be 11 next month. I will be 27. Do the math and you'll come to find that yes, I was 16 when I had her. Teenage motherhood was a trial with a lot of looking down on me moments, but I pushed through, had amazing support from my family and don't regret it. Her dad and I did get married, but sadly when I was expecting my second oldest, we decided to separate. Amazingly, I am so extremely close to his family still that this year's family photo included myself and Nate, our 5 combined munchkins and my ex-husband and his entire family. When we visit Utah, we stay with his parents. My ex-sister in law is my best friend. Weird I know, but it works for us and the kids are loved all the more.

Krystin is the other mother in the house and is my relief during the week. She changes diapers, gives baths, cooks dinners, loads the dishwasher, checks the mail, makes sure the garbage makes it out, and more. It amazes me how much she really does. She spent 3 weeks at her grandmas and I was completely lost without her!
Evelynn is very gifted and extremely creative. She draws and writes and creates elaborate games for her siblings.  She wishes I'd let her help more with the babies and around the house and I would if it weren't for her amazing clumsy skills. The saying in our house is "If anything can be destroyed, messed up, spilled, etc. Evelynn will find a way". Ironically, her middle name is Grace.

Our youngest 3 belong to Nate and I. They are all red-heads. Nate has black hair, I have brown. Our son has green eyes, Nate's are brown, mine are blue. The laws of the universe are strange.

Raedin is our one and only boy. Poor kid. But he is everyone's friend and a true brother. He loves "his girls" and is willing to play dress up when they call for it. One very interesting thing about Raedin is that he is completely bilingual. English and Spanish. I dare you to find another 5 year old, red-headed boy, in America, that speaks fluent Spanish. Since his birth, my husband has only spoken to him in Spanish. (My husband served a church related mission to Guatemala for 2 years, before we met, which is where he acquired the Spanish.)He does the same with the babies.

The babies: Afton and Éowyn. (aka Squeaks and Winnie.)


Nope! These two cuties are actually 13 months apart. (Totally not planned, by the way, that is a whole other story.) They just happen to have the exact same coloring, language skills, and are the same size.
Afton has Speech Apraxia and struggles with talking, although she improves daily. Éowyn is speaking almost as clearly as Afton and is even taking on words Afton uses in replacement of ones she can't say yet. (Example: ya-ya = binky.) It really is like having twins though, they dress a like, have the same schedule and routines, the are so similar in development, and well, they look like it most of the time. Éowyn's first name is from my favorite book and no one says it right, it's her middle name Aislynn that really confuses people. Technically, it is said Ash-lyn in Gaelic, but we say it Ice-lynn. Most people say: Ass-lynn. I kid you not.
Afton has the longest name of all the kids: Afton Elise Victoria. We thought she was our last, so she got all the names I wanted to use for a girl.

Hope this didn't bore you to tears! I promise, most postings will still be tutorial in nature. ;)

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  1. I loved hearing about your family! My grandaughter has speech apraxia too but wasnt diagnosed until she was 3. She is finally beginning to make full sentences which is so exciting! Your family is lovely, keep up the great tutorials.