Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday with Jason

Nate's best friend who happens to be married to my best friend who happens to be my ex-husband's sister (so they are therefore my children's aunt and uncle)
came to visit.

Follow me there? ;)
 I know, it confuses me too sometimes.

We started the day with Dunkin Donuts. (no pics)

And for the afternoon headed off to the aquarium:
Ombre Jellyfish.

 Afton being "attacked" by the rays. 
Out of no where, they rushed at her, she loved it!

Shark tank.
Standing in a tunnel with sharks swimming all around you:

Leaving the kids behind,
dinner was at the world famous:

 Jason ordered the famous fontina burger.
 He was super excited.
The shakes where very yummy, except this part:
 They were very....lime-ish? It was strange.

If you are ever in Gilbert AZ.
You HAVE TO GO to Joe's Farm Grill.
They are an amazing place and so down to earth.
All the food is grown and produced on the farm.
They even make their own pickles! 
(Which are the best pickles ever.)
Look them up on Food Network.

 Tomorrow will bring more adventures including:
A visit to the build site!!!!!
That's right, we will be seeing our almost completely framed

And we will throw in a bit of swimming too. ;)

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