Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pretty! Oh so Pretty!

I'm one of those people.
The kind that don't put on clothes most days.

The kind of people that live in yoga pants 24/7.

The kind of person that would rather:
 have my house look amazing and me look like a totally disaster. 

I put on jeans only if I have to go somewhere 
and the second I get home:
 off they go and on go the dance/yoga pants. 

A ponytail is a daily thing.

I also hate wearing shoes.

So, I've decided I'll start making an effort 
not to be that kind of person.

So here I am in my cleaning clothes. With a ring and earrings on.

Little changes. Baby steps.

I might actually put jeans or a skirt one of these days 
and keep them on all day!! 


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