Monday, July 9, 2012

Home Inspirations {5}

Hello all!

I swear, I will have this house completely designed before they even break ground!
(Breaking ground in two weeks! So...maybe not.)

I'll have 4 months to shop, salvage, sew, sketch, and style.

Master Bedroom:
One room I haven't thought much about is the master bedroom.
Here is my bed now:
I went out on a limb and tried something completely opposite of what I've always done.
But I'm not exactly thrilled with it.
Although our new room will have different flooring and no big, awkward window.
I'm stuck.
Now I have new inspiration for the grown up room:
I found this picture on BHG, it has my exact duvet cover!
I would never have thought to pair the colors and patterns together.

This room has had the most thought put into besides the formal living room.
I know my colors and style.
The layout of the kitchen has been designed and so I know what my space will be like.
So now it is all details and planning projects for it.

First up is framing one or two recipes from my Great Grandmother, in her own hand.
I was so close to her and her death last year (on my birthday weekend) was hard to deal with.
Not a single meal prepped doesn't make me think of her. 
I think it is a sweet touch!
I think I'll find a slightly fancier frame for it. 

You might have seen it in an earlier post, but I painted my Kitchenaid 
to freshen it up a bit and match the new color theme.
I also refashioned some old tins.

I'm hoping to create a vintage cottage feel.
I had actual found a bigger version of this type of scale on a local barter group.
My friend beat me to it!
She plans on using it as a photo prop, which is awesome. 

I was out of town last week and didn't get much time for browsing, hence the lack of 'stuff' this post.
I did get fabric samples in the mail though!
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  1. I love big awkward windows! :D That's so fun you get to plan every detail. That would be a huge high for me!