Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pinterest Thursday

While our house is being built, my sweet husband is living in a small studio apartment all alone!
I'm staying in our current home until the build is complete, then we will join him in Tucson.
It is about a 2 hour drive from here to there, hence him living down there during the week!
With him being gone, I've been extremely bored, but in a non-crafty mood. 
It stinks.
Most of my time as been spent researching designs for the house and putting my style boards together. 
Which requires a lot of pinning.
Hopefully I'll get my mojo back this coming week!

This pretty much sums up my current single-parenthood of 5 kids.
My saint of a husband comes home on the weekends and gives me a break!

I found this to be so adorable and could work in multiple spaces and rooms.
Pottery Barn is so awesome.

My oldest daughter has hair to her waist!
But opted for bangs as well.
I think this hairstyle will be darling on her.

One of my projects that is sitting in the garage is a wingback chair I plan on redoing.
My Ikat fabric, however, is back ordered! Blast it!
So it will have to wait....

I found this to be so clever!
Hanging a canvas photo on hinges to cover unsightly things like the thermostat.
I always hate how those things stand out!

And finally:
A way to make your house smell super yummy!
This recipe is like that at Williams Sonoma!
And it is all natural. 

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  1. The fabric on the wingback is HIDEOUS. Can't wait to see what you do with it!!