Monday, June 11, 2012

Home Inspirations {2}

I'm having a blast searching for ideas for our new home!
Colors schemes are coming together, furniture pieces will start gathering in my garage, 
and sewing shall commence soon!

4 months to prepare!!!!!

A tough space I have come across will be the powder room.
It will be right off the foyer, near the front door.
So it can really be either its own unique style or blend with the formal living room nearby.

The Powder Room:

I love the stenciled ceiling and dark walls. Very elegant. 

 Another touch of elegance that could be easily created.
Not that the powder room will need many towels.....

More For Raedin's Room:

Pull down maps as shades? Maybe?

Union Jack Quilt.
I think I may enlist my MIL for help with this one......
I do have a vector file with the accurate layout for it though. 
Yes there is math behind the true layout!
Isn't this crate adorable? (Despite the whole whisky thing....)
I love the rope as well.

The Foyer:

I love the color scheme in this foyer. 
I'm hoping to find a color that blends well with the rest of the house but makes an impact.
Benjamin Moore's Knoxville Grey might be just that.

The Laundry "Room":

Our laundry room will be a walk through style from garage to kitchen, sharing space with the pantry.
I'm doing my best to come up with ways to maximize the area for storage while making it look like another room in the house, not just a small closet. 
We have the front loaders, so this is perfect!
One wall, but with so much going on!
I adore the back splash....but I don't think I'll be needing a tv. 


  1. Who has time to sit and watch T.V. while doing laundry! I love all these pictures though, great home inspiration! Can I come live at your house when it's all finished? lol

    1. Yes you can! And we will craft away together!!! MUAHAHAHAA!