Monday, June 11, 2012

Home Again Home Again

This weekend I was up north in Utah getting my festivalness on. 
I grew up in Orem and never thought about doing a booth at the annual Summerfest.....
Until this year!
We ended up closing shop early due to me running out of henna*** {good thing} and because the wind was so out of control {bad thing}.

I was too busy to really take photos, but here are a few:

The cutest donut booth ever. Right across the isle from my booth! Lucky me.
Lotus Avora. My dream car! Ok, not really. But still awesome.
Mint Green with gold accents?! LOVE! This car had amazing detailing on it, including the hamster engine. 

Here is some of my work this weekend:

the Crafty Woman's own Leslie came by!

An old and dear friend I grew up with also came to see me. Her baby won 1st place in the baby contest!

Another old friend and fellow vendor.
***Henna is a safe, all natural cosmetic.
Used since ancient times to dye hair, nails, wool, wood, and skin.
Plant derived (ground leaves) and natural additives: lemon juice, sugar, ess. oil.
A thick paste is applied to the skin and sits for several hours.
Once the paste falls off, a stain is left behind and lasts 1-3 weeks.

****Black Henna is NOT henna and is very dangerous.
If you see a temporary tattoo that stains black and smooth, run away!
"Black Henna" contains the chemical PPD and can cause serious harm.


  1. Great designs!

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  2. What great designs. I have always wanted to get a henna "tattoo" but have never had the opportunity. Thanks so much for sharing on Tout It Tuesday!